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Public Courses

Our Language School prides itself on a variety of courses, geared towards every age, background and previous education. Take a look at the programs offered at, and schedule your free trial lesson today!

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Before you Start

  • We always start with a free of charge personalized consultation to find out more about your needs and goals.

  • Personal study plans are created.

  • Regular revision and tests take place.

Lesson Planning

  • For very busy clients, we offer flexible lesson scheduling (for example on a week by week basis).

  • How you study is entirely up to you. With us, you can study on a regular basis (for example once a week), intensively (weekend courses, every day) or schedule you lessons ad hoc (before a job interview or test you need to take).

  • Try a lesson with a friend or a colleague! Lessons small groups of two or three are a very cost effective and fun way to study.

Hodiny a rostlin
Učitel a žák

Language Courses for Kids and Teenagers

  • Fully equipped classrooms right next to Náměstí Míru

  • Taught both in person or on-line

  • Qualified and experienced native speakers

  • Emphasis on communication and vocabulary development

  • Preparation for certificates / maturita and entrance exams

  • Invoiced monthly, based on lessons taught


Summer English Camp in Prague

  • 8 hours with native speakers daily

  • 4 x 45 minutes of teaching per day

  • Content-based learning using a “theme”

  • Small groups (max. 8 children)

  • Czech speaking supervision

  • 2 weeks of afternoon activities

  • Flexible participation (daily / weekly / 2 weeks)

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Public Courses: Courses
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