Studying at a foreign university

We will help you with that most important of decisions– the choice of a university for you or your children. We offer you complete assistance during the selection of and application to foreign universities in Great Britain and the USA. The registration procedure is as follows:

  1. Preliminary choice of desired location and school (based on student’s previous grades and a list of foreign university’s success rates)
  2. Language training (language classes, a course in a foreign country, preparation for certificate exams – IELTS, TOEFL)
  3. Passing the language certificate exam in the senior year of school at the very latest (IELTS – recommended result: 7.0, TOEFL – recommended result: 80)
  4. Writing a personal statement
  5. Obtaining and translating references from either class teachers or the director of the school
  6. Obtaining a certified translation of the student’s grade certificates from High School
  7. Enrollment into the UCAS system (for Great Britain) or Common Application (for USA) in September of the senior year of school at the very latest
  8. Visiting the Open Days of the chosen universities
  9. Receipt of a letter of conditional acceptance – the university will accept the student if they pass the minimal requirements on the grades from the graduation exam (for example if he passes on the average 1,5)
  10. If the student is not accepted, they can enroll on a foundation course

In the past we have successfully completed the administration needed for many courses, including Economic studies at Cambridge University and Eastern European Studies at University College London.

Useful websites:

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