For Individuals

For individuals we offer professional counselling and comprehensive educational services for children and adults. These include: language lessons for individuals and groups, preparatory courses for certificates and graduation exams, assistance with applying for new jobs (CV and an interview in a foreign language), and the arrangement of courses or studies in foreign countries. When providing services and counselling to individuals, our personal approach, professionalism and achievements are our priorities. Investing in your own and your family’s education is invaluable.

Individual courses

Individual courses are ideal for those who require faster methods and an individual approach. An individual course is tailored according to your needs. Flexible lesson planning is another advantage, and lessons can take place at a location of your choice or in our classrooms.

Advantages of individual courses:

  • you choose the content of the course, according to your needs (e.g. preparation for a meeting, an exam, for a foreign trip, a presentation, etc.)
  • the possibility of flexible course planning
  • faster advancement
More information can be found here: Individual and group language lessons.

Group courses

We organize group courses for both companies and members of the public for a maximum of 8 students per course. The majority of our group courses are for 2 to 4 students, and that means we can guarantee that the courses are more effective. If students in the same group have the same goals and a similar knowledge of the language, studying with a smaller group is often beneficial.

Advantages of group courses:

  • you have the opportunity to compare your knowledge and development with others in the group
  • it is possible to create life-like situations and realistic conversations
  • you have the opportunity to use a wider range of study materials and techniques (group games, discussions, team work, etc.)
  • More information can be found here; Individual and group language lessons.
  • Preparation for certificate exams

    Preparation courses for language certificate exams are some of the best ways to keep you motivated for your studies, and to ensure that you pass. We offer preparatory courses in English, German, Russian, French and Spanish. We will arrange all the administration related to the exam. More information can be found here; Preparation for certificates.

    Studying at a foreign university

    We can help you with important life decisions, such as the choice of your or your children’s university education. We offer comprehensive assistance throughout the selection of and application to foreign universities in Great Britain and the USA. More information can be found here; Studying at a foreign university.