Soft Skills Training

Training in business skills, particularly when combined with language lessons, will help your team to grow, to use their newly gained skills and to cooperate better with each other. We offer training to help you present a successful presentation, to practice sales skills, and to help  you manage negotiations and bargaining in both Czech and a foreign language (English, German, Russian). Cooperation at work and training in  basic management skills, which focus on coping with everyday tasks, meeting deadlines, working efficiently, planning, self-motivation and self-discipline, is something we recommend to every employee, no matter the position they hold. Basic management skills are helpful for people struggling to manage tasks during working hours, or to successfully follow tasks through.

What are Soft Skills?

Successful communication skills, the art of constructive criticism, teamwork skills, the ability to manage conflict, the ability to assert ones opinion or to learn about new things, healthy self-confidence and self-management – these are just some of the soft skills that are necessary to succeed in a modern workplace. Employees’ soft skills are an integral part of every successful organization and its ability to provide people with great services. Why is this training better than continuous regular education? The training is, unlike continuous regular education, more intensive and is a short-term experience. As a result, it is very useful for monitoring results and is a very effective use of time, and the participants are more motivated to pursue success. It is of course very important to prepare a long-term program of education and to establish clear goals at the same time. What does ‘training made to measure’ mean? Training made to measure is a learning program designed exclusively to meet the demands of the client (time range, date of event, venue, number of participants) and on the basis of the professional and personal needs of all participants. Before we create a specific training program we carry out a detailed analysis of the training needs of your employees’. The training program always contains the complete training materials for the course. How to begin training soft skills? Soft skills should be an integral part of every employee’s personal plan. It is also common that a company itself feels the need to develop a particular ability in terms of a team, a job position or a leadership position. What exactly does this training involve? Our training methods reflect the needs of individual people in the organization, and that is why we have developed the following procedure:

  1. Individual consultation
  2. Development of personal plans (within a time period of your specification)
  3. Identification of the goals in terms of your organization
  4. Development of specific training programs (designation of the date, number of people, formation of material, selection of suitable trainers)
  5. Determination of criteria for measurement of success

How can I enroll – how can I register my work team? Contact our office.