Individual coaching

Individual coaching is an effective way of leading people towards professional and personal development, especially when other approaches have been ineffective. Together with our training staff, you will begin to explore solutions to your personal or professional issues. A consultation with an impartial professional, who has a detached view and a distance from the issues that are holding you back, will help you to order your thoughts and improve your life balance. We offer coaching in both Czech and English, with the additional option of the meetings taking place by phone, email or Skype.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a structured process, guided by the relationship between the coach and the client. The ultimate goal of coaching is to create inner and outer techniques that help people to achieve success. Coaching develops people’s potential by expanding their sense of what is possible. Coaching is about exploring, being aware and about choice. People who take part in coaching want to see results.

What does a professional coach do?

Professional coaches are seen as co-workers, guides, custodians and partners. They work with individual people –guiding them by questioning different points of view, supporting them and encouraging them. A coach does not advise the client, and does not influence them with their personal point of view – rather, a coach helps the client with self-reflection.

What is coaching often mistaken with?

Psychotherapy. Coaching is not a therapy, it does not search for the cause of troubles in the past, and it does not try to understand human behavior in depth. It is entirely up to the client how they choose to approach the problem and what kind of path they decide to take. The coach helps the client to move forward, determine their goals and then evaluate them in retrospect. These goals can be either personal or professional, and they are always consistent with what the client wants to achieve. Counselling. Coaching can be considered as a form of counselling. Unlike counselling, however, coaching ensures that the newly gained experience, tools, and strategies are immediately put into place. The clients will find a way to ensure this implementation by themselves. Unlike in counselling, the client is not offered a ‘ready-made’ solution, but through communication with the personal coach they create the solution by themselves.Training. Coaching contains some aspects of training – for example teamwork, achieving goals or the desire to succeed. On the other hand, it is based on the principle of ‘win-win’ and supports further development of the client’s strong points, instead of focusing solely on strengthening weak points. However, a personal coach is also a trainer, and sometimes they can offer the necessary motivation – especially when the client lacks self-discipline and organizational skills.

What will I gain from my first session with my coach?

Coaching will allow you to work on the goals you decide upon. Your first session will probably trigger a series of changes in the way you approach problems and how you think about them. Gradually you will start to see more clearly, and have a better understanding of what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. You will be encouraged to rethink the ways you approach things, how you deal with problems, and how you approach yourself and the outside world. Coaching promotes human individuality and uniqueness. With its help, you will gain an increased level of self-awareness–without the need for help from an outside influence. The heightened level of self-awareness provides us with a suitable environment for the development and growth of our personalities. We take on a pro-active role and gain more power over our lives, improved competence and judgment, and most importantly the ability to accept responsibility for our actions.

What are the advantages of coaching in English?

Being coached in English gives you a lot of advantages if you have a good communicative knowledge of the language. Firstly, you will get a unique opportunity to use the language in practice and try out effective communication, and there are numerous other reasons. English, unlike Czech, can be described as a very ‘pragmatic’ language with a bigger sense of objectivity. By contrast, Czech can be very emotional and too detailed. That is why English is the number one language in coaching. During coaching in a different language, you will acquire many other skills – for example the ability to distinguish cultural differences, the ability to think more about what you say, and you will also gain valuable insight from a coach who is from a different culture to you.

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